10 Reasons Why Maggie Greene is a Feminist Character (The Walking Dead)

Here are the ten reasons why Maggie Greene is a feminist character:

  1. Maggie Greene has learned how to skillfully take down walkers with both blades and guns.
  2. Maggie now helps  govern the Alexandra safe-zone.
  3. Maggie Greene is intelligent, brave and extremely loyal to everybody in the group.
  4. Maggie married Glenn in the Post-Apolyatic world. They have a relationship that is based on trust and love where they both decide things together.
  5. Greene believes that the core group should do their best to build a better world for themselves instead of just trying to survive.
  6. Maggie has lost both her sister Beth and father Herschel, but remains strong. She never gives up on lost or her faith in a eventual prosperous life. Though throughout the series, Greene has lost her faith in god several times.
  7. Before the walkers started taking over, Maggie was attending college though the series never says what she was studying.
  8. Maggie Greene cut Judith out of Lori so the baby could live. She had to kill her friend, but saved the future of civilization.
  9. Greene helps protect the group at prison by shooting at the governor and his people.
  10. Maggie is expecting a baby with Glenn.

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