10 Reasons why Michonne is a Feminist Character (The Walking Dead)

Here are the ten reasons why Michonne is a feminist character:
1. Michonne is bad ass African American woman katana sword wielder who can kill zombies or walkers quietly and quickly.
2. For a long time Michonne was able to survive by herself using her ex-boyfriend Mike and his friend who are now walkers. By traveling with them she was able to be camouflaged against walker attacks. Michonne tore out one of their jaws so the zombies could not bite her.
3. Michonne is stoic, but opens up to people she trusts like Rick and his son Carl who the warrior actually laughs with. She used to just survive out in the wilderness, but now she actually lives with the Grimes’ group.
4. Michonne has great intuition about people, which is why she knew The Governor was a evil man before she had any proof like finding out he was help conducting experiments with zombies.
5. The warrior woman loves sculptors and paintings. I believe Michonne used to be art dealer, lawyer or something along those lines.
6. When Michonne was first around baby Judith she used to shy away from her, but now she carries and plays with the baby. Before the outbreak, the warrior used to have a toddler son named Andre. But Andre died during the first few weeks most likely killed by zombies. So Michonne had to work through her guilt about not being there for her son when he died.
7. Michonne first bumped into Andrea who had been separated from the group. The warrior guarded and took care of Andrea even though she did not know her. Michonne has a great heart. She was compassionate even before before she started re-awakaned her emotions.
8. Michonne adored her son Andre and couldn’t emotionally cope with his death. She took the walker versions of her boyfriend and friend to punish them for being too high to protect her son.
9. The black warrior has a great sense of humor and jokes around a lot with Daryl and Hershel. She also acts like a secondary parental figure to Carl who sometimes needs the support of somebody other than his Dad. Michonne brings comics back to Carl when she does runs.
10. Michonne has saved the leader Rick’s life a couple of times from walkers. They have a close bond since the two fighters both lost their significant others during the outbreak. Michonne used to talk to a hallucination of Mike when she was alone. She shares this fact with Rick who was seeing the ghost of Lori, which helped him face facts and heal.

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