10 Reasons Why Nomi Marks is a Feminist Character (Sense8)

Here are the ten reasons why Nomi Marks is a feminist character:

  1. Nomi Marks has amazing hacking skills, which she uses to help her cluster.
  2. Nomi Marks was born  Michael Marks. She is a Lesbian trans woman who lives openly about her sexuality and gender.
  3. Nomi is a political blogger who records entries about her experience as a trans Lesbian woman in San Fran who spent much of her life in the closet.
  4. Nomi also gets paid to hack by large corporations because she has been doing so the “hacktivist” was only twelve.
  5. Nomi lives with her girlfriend Amanita in a loving supportive relationship. Amanita will doing anything to protect her Sensate girlfriend including burning down a hospital lobby and helping her illegally hack.
  6. The hacker is a Sensate who uses her hacking skills to protect two people from her cluster Riley and Will. She helps the cop cluster mate break into research hospital to save Riley from being lobotomized by the Whispers.
  7. Marks helps her cluster  by giving advice based on her years of keeping who she really was a secret. Nomi helps convince Lito that lying about being Gay is only hurting himself.
  8. Nomi continues to be on the run from Whispers who also wants to lobotomize her. Even though she is being hunted by multiple security forces, the hacker still  fighting against the system by using her hacking skills and breaking into a Doctor’s house to find clues to save her cluster.
  9. Nomi Marks marches in Pride Week every year for all the LGBTQ youth and adults who can not be open about who they really are.
  10. When Nomi was forced to shower in scolding water as a young boy in swim club instead of becoming more desperate for acceptance she realized what her true gender was.

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