10 Reasons Why Kala Dandekar is a Feminist Character (Sense8)

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Kala Dandekar is a feminist character:

  1. Kala Dandekar is a Hindu Indian Sensate who since her awakening has been contacted to seven different people from all over the world.
  2. Kala works as a scientist for a major pharmaceutical company in Mumbai.
  3. The scientist does not think her faith and science contradict each other. Both are full of miracles and mysteries.
  4. Kala Dandekar feels a great connection to the Hindu god Ganesh Charthui and goes to pray in his temple almost daily. At first Kala believed that her Sensate experiences were caused by the elephant like god.
  5. Dandekar uses her knowledge of pharmaceuticals and chemistry to save both Wolfgang and Riley. She builds a bomb for her possible lover Wolfgang using everyday kitchen supplies and knew which drug could awaken Riley from her medically induced slumber.
  6. Kala loves Bollywood films partly because of the dancing.
  7. Kala Dandekar planned to marry her fiancé Rajan Raska who is the son of the CEO of her company because it made her father Sanyan Dandekar even happier than when she graduated college. She doesn’t actually love Rajan. Kala has romantic feelings for  her gangster cluster mate Wolfgang who lives all the way in Germany.
  8. The scientist has a high unspecified degree in I believe Chemistry from university, which her family supported.
  9. Kala loves her father ‘s cooking. She is close to Sanyan Dandekar, but feels frustrated at times because he seems to caresmore about the wedding that her career as chemist.
  10. Kala Dandekar hates violence, but is willing to do whatever is necessary to keep her cluster safe.

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