10 Reasons why Sun Bak is a Feminist Character (Sense8)

Here are the the ten reasons why I believe Sun Bak is a feminist character:

  1. Sun Bak is a skilled underground kick boxer who can bring down a large man with no problem.
  2. Sun continues to be a calm serious individual who channels her emotions through her fists.
  3. Sun Bak has am MBA in Economics.
  4. Bak was the CFO of her father’s company until she was unfairly imprisoned.
  5. Sun’s mother died when she was a young girl, which left her with no real emotional support as she grew up. Her mother made her promise to look after her brother Joong Bi Bak, which explains why she went to jail for his crimes. Also, Sun wanted to protect her father’s honor.
  6. Sun Bak is one of the cluster’s protectors because of her kickboxing skills. She often inhabits the other members so she can fight of their enemies.
  7. Sun Bak is a  South Korean Sensate who works hard for her family’s honor though her father Kang Dae Bak only appreciates her once she is jailed.
  8. Sun befriends a survivor of domestic abuse named Soo-Jin in jail who teaches her how to sew for work duty.  She trips a woman who was stealing from Soo-Jin so her friend could go outside. Sun Bak can be very loyal to the people she cares about.
  9. The kickboxer dispenses wisdom to her friends though she often has a hard time taking it herself.
  10. The only real companionship Sun seems to have before being awakened as a Sensate is her dog.

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