10 Reasons why Riley Blue is a Feminist Character (Sense8)

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Riley Blue is a feminist character:

  1. Riley Blue is a famous Icelandic DJ who has lived in London for some time.
  2. Riley Blue was re-born as a Sensate meaning that she is attached to seven other people. She can feel what her other cluster mates feel emotionally and physically. Riley can also visit her cluster and other Sense8s.
  3. The DJ has gone through two major traumas in her life including losing her mother, husband and baby daughter. Riley can be very delicate emotionally, but she has the capability to love and create art.
  4. Riley helps other members of her cluster by being there for them emotionally. Blue is the “Mother” figure of the cluster.
  5. Riley Blue was given the chance to take drugs and lots of money for herself, but instead gave the cash to a street musician and threw away the drug packs.
  6. Blue got captured by Whispers who was going to give her a lobotomy and be forced to give up the rest of her cluster. Riley almost killed herself to both save the cluster as well as finally end her suffering, but with Will’s help she kept fighting.
  7. Riley left Iceland after her family died because the trauma was too much to face and she believed that it was all her fault. When the DJ was a child another Sensate Yrsa told her that she was hexed so she had to leave Iceland or bad things would happen to her.
  8. Blue became paralyzed when she was forced to be on the spot where she almost froze to death and her child died. She and Will were running away from the hospital when they had to stop their car because of all the mist on the mountain. The Whispers were able to track Will so he had to drug himself. Riley woke herself up from her nightmare so she could rescue herself and Will.
  9. Riley Blue saved Will from danger by escaping Iceland using her family friend Sven’s boat. She becomes the active agent while Will has to be sedated to keep the Whispers away.
  10. Riley Blue may be a vulnerable person, but she has enough strength to keep her cluster safe. As my list above demonstrates, Riley is an active agent with complexity which makes her a feminist character.

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