Ten Reasons Why Sarah Linden is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Sarah Linden from The Killing(2011-2014) is a feminist character:

  1. Sarah Linden is an intense hardworking Homicide detective in Seattle whose obsessive ways helps her solve murders.
  2. Sarah remains stoic throughout the four years the show went on.
  3. Her nickname on the force is Linden.
  4. Linden is her partner Holder’s mentor. Sarah is Stephen Holder’s first partner on Homicide and he had only been on Narcotics for a year or two before entering that unit.
  5. Sarah Linden has one son named Jack who she loves very much. Before Season three, Jack went to live with his father, but they still talk a lot and he visits.
  6. Linden has major commitment issues because she was raised in foster homes. She used to run away from her foster parents and still runs away. Though now Sarah runs away from long-term relationships or jobs. In the first season, Linden tries to run away from the Homicide unit, but ends up staying after Rose Larson is murdered.
  7. Three years before the pilot, Sarah Linden had an affair with her older married partner Skinner and they solved the case of the murder of a young mother Trish Ann Seward. They arrested the husband Ray for her murder, but Sarah continued to obsess over the case thinking they might not of caught the proper killer. This got the Homicide detective locked up in a mental hospital for a couple of moths.
  8. The only person other than Sarah’s son Jack that she every really connected with is her partner Stephen Holder who after years of partnership became her best friend. At the end of the series,  Sarah Linden realizes that she loves him.
  9. Sarah Linden is divorced from Jack’s Dad who left them when he was just a baby. She raised Jack on her own from most of his life.
  10. Linden’s only hobby is long distance running.

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