Top Ten Reasons Why Lexa is A Feminist Character

Here are the top ten reasons why Lexa from The 100 is a feminist character:

  1. Lexa is at the most a couple of years older than teenager Clarke Griffin and is the Commander of the Trigedasleng or as the people from the Arc call them “grounders”.
  2. Commander or Heda Lexa created a coalition  with the twelve clans when she was only sixteen. Her guard Gustus once said that she was the coalition.
  3. Lexa lost her lover Costia to torture by the Ice Nation, but still finds a way to be a strong intelligent leader. From what I can tell Lexa is the one Lesbian character on the show. Nobody makes a big deal out of it.
  4. The Commander has numbed her feelings so she can make tactical decisions for the good of the coalition and Trigedasleng, but Clarke has began to wake them. Lexa trusts very few people, which is why her trust of Clakre is impressive
  5. Lexa wants peace, so she make a deal the “sky people” when she realizes that they can turn the Reapers back to her people. As well as help defeat the Mountain people so all their people can return home. She and Clarke are the reason why the “grounders” and “skye people” formed one united force.
  6. She orders Finn to be executed by all the villagers left in the town he massacred, but accepts when his former lover Clarke kills him before that can happen. Lexa has compassion and realizes that the young leader pain is worth a whole village’s murder.
  7. Lexa accepts a deal with President Cage Wallace to rescue her people because she lives to protect them. She does makes the treaty with her mind, not her heart who wants to protect her and Clarke’s people.
  8. Lexa has a icy calm demeanor, but with Clarke she allows herself to be vulnerable. The leader of the 100 is the only person who sees something other than just the Heda.
  9. Toward the end of The 100 Season Two, Lexa kisses Clarke. She willing waits for the young leader to mourn Finn.
  10. Commander Lexa sees that Clarke is a natural born leader and tries to foster that. She protects the “skye people” young leader from everybody by announce that hurting Clarke is hurting the Heda.

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