The Multiple Feminist Faces of Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story

Here is a list of all the characters that Sarah Paulson has played on American Horror Story and why they are so bad ass. Sarah always plays feminist characters who are heroes and never victims on the series. Though I want to admit I have not seen American Horror Story Hotel yet so I will not be mentioning Hypodermic Sally:

  1. Billie Dean Howard (American Horror Story Murder House): Billie Dean is a medium who has started developing her own reality television series. Howard both has powers and is a fake. Billie Dean knows that ghosts are in a house and the dead can speak through her, but she can not control them. She tells Violet to do this ritual to get rid of evil spirits through this old Indian Curse, but it fails. Since before the start of the first American Horror Story season, Billie Dean has been an advisor for Constance helping her try to get Tate’s ghost to cross over.
  2. Lana Winters (American Horror Story Asylum): Lana is a Lesbian reporter from the 1960’s meaning that she has to be in the closet and is writing mostly “women’s pieces” like homemaking columns. Lana Winter’s ambition leads her to investigate the local Catholic Insane Asylum Briarcliff because of the rumors of abuse. Winter’s curiosity leads Sister Jude Martin to institutionalize her using her Lesbianism as a excuse to shut her up. Winter’s inquisitive and stubborn nature allows her to escape the asylum and survive Thredson a.k.a. the serial killer Bloody Face. Even though the field of journalism at the time was male dominated, after Lana Winters got through being locked up twice she became a famous reporter who wrote a awarding winning book about being kidnapped by Bloody Face and became a television star after revealing Braricliff’s corruption.  Lastly, Lana Winters was the last person standing in American Horror Story Asylum.
  3. Cordelia Foxx(American Horror Story Coven): Cordelia Foxx is the Supreme of the Salem Coven in New Orleans. She started off being both the Headmistress of Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies and daughter of Fiona Goode the Supreme. Cordelia Foxx was just a teacher who was excellent at creating potions, but because of the Salem Coven’s war with both Witch Hunters and Marie Laveau a immortal voodoo queen she became astrong leader. Cordelia Foxx is a compassionate caring person who is protective of the girls and women of her coven. She has a difficult relationship with her mother Fiona Goode because the Supreme loves her daughter, but Cordelia reminds her of her mortality.
  4. Dot and Bette Tattler(American Horror Story Freak Show): Dot and Bette are conjoined twins who start off as two innocent girls forced out of their homes for the first time. Bette who seems to be the soft innocent twin is the one who killed their mother after she refused to let them go to the cinema. Bette Tattler is a sweet dreamer who loves movie stars and wants to see the world. Though she is shown multiple times to be the most unprepared of the to when the sisters enter Elsa Mars’ Freak Show. Dot Tattler does not trust the outside world, but proves to be the more dominant one in the outside. She spends the majority of the season wanting to be surgically separated from Bette because the dominant twin believes she would thrive away from her “weak” sister. Though the conjoined twins prove to be vulnerable to serial killers and con men when they are working against each other. By the end Bette and Dot learn they love each other and work as a team. They both end up happily married to Jimmy Darling with a little baby.

Do you think Hypodermic Sally fits with these characters who are bad ass and feminist?

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