Stars in The Doctor Who Universe Are Very Masculine, Maybe We Will Finally Have A Feminine One

Now let me first say that I believe that Doctor Who and its two spin offs so far (Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Chronicles) are feminist television shows, even though they are all built around mysterious powerful men. The Doctor is a powerful central character who never leaves (because he continually regenerates) yet the audience can never truly understand him. He is the one mystery in Doctor Who that can never truly be solved. Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood is immortal and has lived on Earth through generations. We know that Jack was not born on Earth and had been an agent in the past, but Jack never truly tells his whole story to anybody. In the start of Season One, Gwen Cooper is the only person to know he Jack cannot die and that is all she knows about him. WhileTorchwood is more of an ensemble television show, Captain Jack Harnkness is still very much the main main character. In the end he and Gwen Cooper are the only members of Torchwood left alive.

In The Sarah Jane Chronicles, Sarah Jane Smith’s adopted son Luke Smith is the central character; which makes sense since this Doctor Who spinoff is a children’s show. Luke Smith was created by aliens, so he has an high IQ and a near perfect memory. Now I’m not diminishing any of the badass female characters on these British science fiction shows, but the way the characters are written it is the Doctor and the other alien male characters are the most intelligent characters in the room at all times. Our focus stays on them because they are the most strangely heroic beings on the screen. They always know more than the human characters and usually save the day with just an assist from their friends. The women characters like Clara Oswald, Gwen Cooper or Sarah Jane Smith are not able to truly shine without some sort of presence of their genius alien hero.

In 2016 the BBC will be premiering a new spin off taking place in the Coal School called Class. In Doctor Who Season 9, we have been introduced to Ashlidr/ Me a female character who fits all the categories of the main male characters in the Doctor’s universe. Ashlidr is immortal and mysterious. None of us know everything that happened to her starting with the Viking Village to present day. We do know that Ashlidr has ended up in the Coal School (based on the selfie that Clara showed the Doctor two episodes ago) which provides the perfect opportunity for her to fit right into the Class storyline. In addition, Ashlidr promises to look after those the Doctor left on Earth. The youtube channel Who Addicts Review has made a prediction that Ashlidr could be the main character and help the young students at the Coal School battle aliens.

If Ashlidr becomes the Doctor type character on Class, she would make the universe even more badass feminist than it has ever been. I hope Ashlidr/Me becomes the first true female lead for the series Class. What do you all think?

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