List of 3 of The Awesome Female Leaders on The 100

Here are three of the bad ass female leaders in The 100(2014-):

  1. Clarke Griffin: Clarke is one of the first 100 (teenage criminals) who were sent down to Earth from the Ark in space. Throughout the series, she remains a leader who protects her people from outside forces like the grounders and then the mountain people. Clarke uses the medical skills her mother taught her to keep anybody injured alive and uses her art to create plans of attack or map the compound in Mt. Weather. She has been forced to make hard moral descions like killing all of the Mt. Weather people with radiation so her friends could live, which has led her to go on a walk about alone. At the end of Season Two, Clarke made a romantic connection with the female Commander of the grounders Lexa.
  2. Dr. Abigail Griffin: She is one of the few medical doctors on the Arc and is part of the council on the Ark. When the rest of the people from the Ark land on Earth, Abigail soon becomes Chancellor. Doctor Griffin helps save grounders and their people alike with both her leadership role and medical knowledge. Her decision to send the 100 to Earth made it possible for thousands of people to live. Without Abigail’s insistence that the council must  tell everybody about the failed live support and pushing to prove that humans could live on Earth, then they would not have made it to their new home.
  3. Lexa or Heda: Lexa is the Commander or Heda of the grounders or the Woods Clan. The spirits picked her as the leader of her people as a teenager. Lexa is cutthroat and merciless leader of the Wood Clan, but only because she must be to protect her people from the mountain people and other clans. Her alliance with the Arc and Clarke made it possible for them to both free their people. Though Lexa’s tactical thinking led her to sacrifice the Arc people to save her own. She does have great compassion and love, which is what leads her to fall in love with Clarke. Like everybody in The 100, Lexa lost her girlfriend or mate Costia a year or two ago, which has hardened her.

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