10 Reasons Why Gwen Cooper is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Gwen Cooper from Torchwood(2006-2011) is a feminist character:

  1. Even before Gwen Cooper was part of Torchwood she was a constable in Cardiff, Wales.
  2. Gwen Cooper tries her best to do the right thing even insisting that Torchwood starts assisting the police instead of just harnessing alien technology.
  3. Gwen remains the only person in the organization to have outside life. She marries Rhys her long time boyfriend.
  4. Toward the end of the series she becomes a mother to a baby girl. Gwen protects her child from the outside world by going into hiding with Rhys until the CIA tracks them down.
  5. Cooper starts of not knowing anything about Torchwood to being a leader and expert in aliens. She makes hard decisions to save humanity from alien invasions or other threats.
  6. Gwen has an affair with one of her Torchwood co-works Owen, but after that never strays from Rhys.
  7. She remains the only person to tell a loved one (Rhys) about Torchwood and the aliens who live among humans.
  8. Throughout the series, Gwen becomes a bad ass warrior when she started off not knowing how to shoot a gun.
  9. Gwen Cooper’s family has lived in Cardiff therefore on a rift for generations. Her great great … great relative Gwyneth helped the 9th Doctor and Rose Tyler defeat the Gelth because she had clairvoyant powers given to her by the rift.
  10. Gwen Cooper is a bad ass Welsh heroine.

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