3 Bad Ass Women Characters that are Inspired by Buffy Summers

have written about how many of Joss Whedon’s female characters share certain traits, but it’s also important to note that Buffy Summers has inspired many creators. Without Buffy there wouldn’t be characters like Kara Thrace or Bo Dennis. Here is a list of three female characters who would not be here without Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the reasons why:

1.Kara Thrace (Battlestar Galactica): The gleaming trait shared between the two talented warriors are those one-liners that the pilot uses to bruise her cadets and fellow viper pilots. Like Buffy Summers, Kara Thrace has problems with authority figures. In the first few scenes of the pilot of Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck decked out Colonel Saul Tigh who is second in command of the battleship. Buffy Summers has Rupert Giles as her father figure and mentor. He remains one of the few people who she will listen to. Kara Thrace’s father figure is Admiral William Adama they have the same relationship as Buffy and her Dad. Finally, both Buffy Summers and Kara Thrace have a destiny to fulfill. Starbuck leads the fleet to “Earth”, which the Cyclons’s prophets had predicted.
2.Bo Dennis (Lost Girl): Like the famous vampire slayer, Bo barbs her fae enemies with brilliant one-liners before they fight. In the pilot of their series, Bo Dennis and Buffy Summers are both reluctant to accept who they are: a succubus and the slayer. The succubus along with her human and fellow fae friends solve mysteries around the supernatural very much like Buffy Summers and the rest of the Scooby gang. Bo ran away most of her life like Buffy did during one summer. Both Bo Dennis and Buffy Summers are brave women who turn into the leaders they were always meant to be.
3.Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars): Veronica Mars and Buffy Summers both started off as popular girls, then turned into the school rejects. Veronica was scoffed at because her father arrested her best friend Lily’s dad. Buffy was rejected because she burnt down her old school’s cafeteria. Plus the fact that she is a vampire slayer who carries around stakes. Both Buffy and Veronica have a biting humor. Veronica Mars solves mysteries or crimes for her fellow high school students. Buffy Summers does the same thing, though her fellow students do not ask to be saved. Both teenagers have difficult complicated love lives.

I would like to point out that all three of these complex female characters all share another trait with Buffy Summers. Kara Thrace, Bo Dennis and Veronica Mars all have natural talents and major pain that they hide with humor. What other bad ass female characters do you think were inspired by Buffy Summers?

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