Feminist Brilliance of Leslie Knope

Parks and Recreation (2009-2015) is when of the most funniest television shows I have ever watched, but thats not the only thing special about the comedy. Here are the ten reasons why  Leslie Knope is a feminist character:

  1. Leslie Knope is the Regional Director of the National Park Service Midwest Region.
  2. In past years, Knope has been the Director of the Pawnee City Department of Parks and Recreation, and City Councilor for Pawnee. In the last year of Parks and Recreation, flash forwards reveal that Leslie will be Governor of Indiana and President of the United States.
  3. Lesile can inspire anybody to work hard to achieve greatness. She even pushed April Ludgate who hates doing anything productive to eventually become Deputy Director of Animal Control in the Parks Department.
  4. Lesile Knope loves Pawnee so much that she will do anything to improve the town. Building a park is the greatest thing every in her opinion.
  5. Knope has three children who she loves who she stays present for even though she is a work alcoholic.
  6. Ben Wyatt, her husband, is as ambitious politically as Leslie Knope. They both support each other. Leslie Knope never takes a true back seat to him.
  7. Lesile Knope graduated culm laude from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs.
  8. Lesile Knope loves Hilary Clinton.
  9. Knope always has great ideas for new projects in Pawnee ranging from bringing back the Pawnee Harvest Festival to writing a book titled Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America. 
  10. The future president, Leslie Knope remains cheerful through all of her challenges.

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