Top Ten Powerful Political Fictional Women on Television

Here is a list of who I believe are the most powerful political fictional women on television. I mostly draw these women from West Wing, Scandal, Madam Secretary and Veep:

  1. President Mackenzie Allen (Commander in Chief, 2005-2006): In her television universe, Mackenzie is the first woman and member of the Independent party to become President.
  2. Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (Madam Secretary, 2014-): Elizabeth McCord is a stubborn principled Secretary of State who used to be part of the CIA.
  3. CJ Cregg (West Wing, 1999-2005): CJ Cregg remained a key senior advisor to President Bartlet for his two terms. For the first six years, CJ was Press Secretary and for his last two years she was Chief of Staff.
  4. Olivia Pope (Scandal, 2012-): Olivia Pope is a brilliant Washington DC fixer who can do anything from mending a politician’s public image to solving a Princess’ murder.
  5. Selena Meyer (Veep, 2012-): The edgy hilarious,Selena Meyer started off as the first female Vice President and now is the first woman to be President.
  6. Amy Gardner ( West Wing, 1999-2008): Amy Gardner has been the Director of the Women’s Leadership Coalition, Chief of Staff to the First Lady, and Director of Legislative Affairs because she knows how to get things done.
  7. Josephine Lucas (West Wing, 1999-2008): Joey is a pollster who happens to be deaf. The pollster’s brilliant at giving advice to politicians and is a trusted advisor to President Bartlet.
  8. Elizabeth North ( Scandal, 2012-): Elizabeth has recently become President Grant’s Chief of Staff making her part of the center of world politics. Before she became Chief of Staff, Elizabeth North had been the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee and political advisor to Mellie the First Lady when she ran for a Senate seat.
  9. Nadine Tolliver (Madam Secretary, 2014-): Nadine Tolliver serves as the Chief of Staff for Elizabeth McCord. Nadine remains vital in the everyday operations of the State department since she also served as Chief of Staff of the previous Secretary.
  10. Amy Brookheimer (Veep, 2012-): Amy is the Chief of Staff for Selina Meyer and leads the misfit group as they try to get everything done.

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