10 Reason Why Elizabeth McCord is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Elizabeth McCord is a feminist character:

  1. Elizabeth McCord is the Secretary of State of the United States of America. She is third in line to the presidency. When the President has a scare on a plane, Elizabeth becomes interim President.
  2. Elizabeth or Bess used to work for the CIA under the now President Conrad Dalton.
  3. Bess stands up against anybody even Russell Jackson the White House Chief of Staff and the right hand man to the President to do the right thing. She talks to three suspect “terrorists” who kidnapped a States official in the Middle East against the President’s orders because she believed it would save lives.
  4. Elizabeth McCord has a loving respectful  relationship  with her husband Dr. Henry McCord. Henry teaches both theology and military ethics.
  5. Even though Bess can’t spend all day with her children, she is still present in their lives. When her youngest Jason got expelled from a prep school she went to all the meetings and figured out a solution. Henry spends more time at home with the Alison and Jason because he is a professor.
  6. Elizabeth McCord speaks fluent French, German, Arabic and Farsi. She also used to be a Professor of History before going back into governmental work.
  7. Secretary McCord is a great diplomat who negotiated a treaty with Iran.
  8. Bess left the CIA twenty years before her position in the State department because of a ethical dilemma.
  9. Elizabeth McCord suffered post-trumatic disorder because she was present when Iranian Foreign Minister Javani’s house was attacked. Her bodyguard DS Agent Fred Cole was killed along with Minister Javani.
  10. Bess cares very little for fashion or being overly political.

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