8 Reasons Why Helena is a Feminist Character

Here are the eight reasons why Helena from Orphan Black is a feminist character:

  1. Helena is Sarah’s twin who was sent to a Ukrainian Christian orphanage. She was abused and brainwashed into hating clones as a young child.
  2. Helena’s captors trained her to be an assassin so she could hunt down the other clones. After she realized that Sarah was her twin, the assassin  started using her skills to protect her “sisters”.
  3. The Ukrainian assasin can kill people with a knife, hand to hand, and a sniper rifle. But Helena is extremely child like in nature because of the abuse she suffered.
  4. Helena may be psychotic, but acts gentle and sweet around children especially her niece Kira. The little girl calls Helena an angel. She never lets adult abuse children, which the assassin exhibits in the scientific religious farm when a nanny slaps one of the girls for not following directions.
  5. Helena acts loving toward Sarah because of their special bond as twins. She has warmed up to all her “sisters” and Felix.
  6. Sarah’s twin has also become pregnant with assistance from a religious scientific cult leader named Henrik Johanssen.
  7. Helena loves stuffing her mouth with food.
  8. Helena is big on revenge for anybody who harms her or her family.

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