10 Reasons why Allison Hendrix is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Allison Hendrix is a feminist character:

  1. Allison is a soccer mom whose duties range from coaching her children’s soccer team to organizing the neighborhood barbecue.
  2. Allison Hendrix continues to be a perfectionist throughout all of Orphan Black. This leads her to be the perfect person to clean up Aldous Leekie’s body after her husband Donnie accidentally kills him.
  3. The soccer mom crafts creating items ranging from simple name tags to elaborate decorations.
  4. Hendrix is a pill addict, which leads her to make paranoid incorrect assumptions. For example, Allison thought Donnie was her monitor leading her to torture him, which was proven to be false.
  5. Allison adopted her children Gemma and Oscar. She tries to be the most perfect parent to her children even keeping them in the dark about Clone Club so they won’t be in any danger.
  6. Allison Hendrix has a wild side, which can be gleamed through her provocative dancing style.
  7.  Hendrix was valedictorian and cheerleader in high school.
  8. Donnie took Allison’s last name Hendrix when they got married. She wears the pants in the relationship.
  9.  Allison Hendrix can shoot a gun.
  10. Allison uses her black market contacts to help out her “sisters” get items like guns.

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