10 Reasons Why Sarah Manning is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Sarah Manning from Orphan Black is a feminist character:

  1. Sarah Manning is a successful con woman because of her wit and ability to mimic other people.
  2. Sarah continues to be a extremely loyal and protective of everybody who she loves like her “sisters”, daughter Kira, twin sister Helena, foster brother Felix Dawkins and often her foster mother Siobhan Sadler.
  3. Manning is the leader of the clone sisters because of her ability to piece together clues and read people. Sarah’s distrustful nature keeps her family safe.
  4. Sarah Manning remains the first clone to have a child naturally. The clone DNA actually stops pregnancies so Kira is an anomaly.
  5. The leader of the clones tries to be the best mother she can be to Kira. Even turning her self in to the Dyad to keep Kira safe.
  6. Sarah Manning has made a lot of mistakes in life, but that never stops her from doing whats best for everybody. At the start of Orphan Black, the leader tries to kill her twin sister Helena, but after figuring out the whole story they become close.
  7. Sarah Manning can hold her own in a fight, but often resorts to trickery. Which is the more peaceful strategy.
  8. Sarah Manning lived in the foster system until Siobhan Sadler adopted her. She was a rebellious kid, but she still bonded with her foster mother and foster brother Felix.
  9. Even though in the first season leaving with the clones’ money and her family (Felix and Kira) would of been the safest bet for Sarah, she still connected with her “sisters”.
  10. Sarah Manning stands up against the Dyad Institute even though it has proven to be dangerous over and over again.

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