10 Reasons Why Cosima Niehaus is A Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Cosima Neihaus is a feminist character. I’m basing these facts from the first two seasons.Through these next two days I will also be listing why the other two main clones, Allison Hendrix and Sarah Manning, are feminist characters too:

  1. Cosima Neihaus is working toward getting her PhD in Experimental Evolution at the University of Minnesota.
  2. From even before Orphan Black started, Cosima had been working on figuring out the mysteries of her and her fellow clones’ origins.
  3. Even after Cosima figured out she had the respiratory illness caused by their (the clones) DNA, she never stopped trying to protect her “sisters”.
  4. Cosima Neihaus works tirelessly to find the cure for the respiratory condition to save her, her “sisters”, and her niece Kira. She slaved for answers when connected to a oxygen tank.
  5. Cosima Neihaus is a lesbian who fell in love with Doctor Delphine Cormier a French Immunologist who works at the Dyad Institute.
  6. Neihaus remains loyal to her Allison, Sarah, and Kira. She threatens Delphine after she gave information that lead to Dyad taking Kira Manning. Even though Delphine is the love of Cosima’s life.
  7. Cosima Neihaus is a genius scientist who the Dyad recruits by offering her resources to solve the respiratory illness caused by a flaw built into their (clones) DNA.
  8. Even though Cosima is a science geek who has tattoos.
  9. Cosima Neihaus skypes a lot with Sarah Manning who is the leader of the clones. Cosima remains Sarah’s main support system within the group.
  10. Cosima Neihaus is the only clone to successfully infiltrate the Dyad.

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