My 11 Top Favorite Clara Oswald Episodes of Doctor Who

With Clara Oswald leaving at the end of this season of Doctor Who, I thought I would honor her by listing my favorite episodes of hers. When I say my top eleven favorite Clara Oswald episodes, I’m talking about episodes in which the companion does something epic. I am in my list including all the episodes that Clara appears in. Clara Oswald is my favorite companion:

  1. Name of the Doctor (Doctor Who Season Seven Episode 14): Clara Oswald saves the Doctor throughout his regenerations by jumping into his time stream. She risks her life to save her best friend.
  2. Listen (Doctor Who Season Eight Episode 4): Clara inspires a young boy to become the Doctor one day and also causes him to feel that he is never alone.
  3. Deep Breath (Doctor Who Season Eight Episode 1): The opening for Season Eight is the start of Clara’s friendship with the 12th Doctor. The episode is as much about Clara figuring out what sort of man the Doctor has become as about the Doctor learning about his new self. I really love the bickering between the Doctor and Clara. Also, how Clara extracts all the info from the main Cyborg even though she is scared. She is one of the most clever companions.
  4. The Bells Of Saint John (Doctor Who Season Seven Episode Seven): The Doctor meets the modern Clara Oswald in that episode. Clara and the 11th Doctor also have great chemistry as best friends. I liked how Clara was not afraid to make fun of the Doctor and that she played a big part in saving the day by hacking into the Shard.
  5. Asylum of the Daleks (Doctor Who Season Seven Episode One): Oswin the shadow of Clara Oswald saves the Doctor, Amy, and Rory by guiding them through the hospital for the mentally insane Daleks. This was the start of the “impossible girl” mythos. Oswin is a self declared genius who even after figuring out that she became a Dalek still saved the Doctor’s life.
  6. The Snowmen( Doctor Who Season Seven Episode Six): Victorian Clara Oswin Oswald curiosity and bravery inspires the Doctor to become a hero again after losing Amy Pond. She is the only person to say the line “It’s smaller on the outside” instead of the normal “bigger in the inside” line, which made me love her. On Clara’s first try she was able to figure out all of the Doctor’s moves.
  7. The Magician’s Assistant (Doctor Who Season Nine Episode One): Clara Oswald announcing that she had kissed Jane Austin is awesome. Clara is the first bisexual female companion in modern Who. She willing works with Missy to find the Time Lord even after the Time Lady killed Danny showing her loyalty to the Doctor.
  8. Kill The Moon (Doctor Who Season Eight Episode Seven): Clara stops the rest of future humanity from killing a defenseless baby alien hatching from inside the Moon. She proves that she can solve problems without the Doctor.
  9. Flatline (Doctor Who Season Eight Episode 9): Clara Oswald acts as the Doctor for the most of the episode. She reveals to the Doctor how dark he can be, but still saves ordinary people’s lives.
  10. The Witches Familiar (Doctor Who Season Nine Episode Two): The companion gets trapped inside a Dalek. Clara inspires the Doctor to help a young Davros so that later she could force the Dalek shell to say mercy.
  11. Robot of Sherwood(Doctor Who Season Eight Episode Three): The Sheriff of Nottingham saw Clara Oswald as the leader instead of Robin Hood or the Doctor. Clara tricks the Sheriff into telling her his plan to take over the world using  robots from outer space.

Please tell me your favorite Clara Oswald episodes.

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