10 Reasons Why The Wire is a Feminist Television Show

Here are the ten reasons why I believe The Wire is a feminist television show:

  1. Detective Kima Greggs is a lesbian Baltimore cop. She performs better than most of the other male cops in her squad.
  2. Kima cultivated a relationship with the drug addict/best-informant-ever Bubbles who helped the team bring down D’Angelo Barksdale
  3. At the start of the series, Greggs is one of the few characters with a stable romantic relationship with her girlfriend Cheryl.
  4. Like all the straight male characters, Kima Greggs has her share of faults going from infidelity to alcoholism. She was never made into the “perfect” character because she is a lesbian.
  5. Kima Greggs high morality causes her to blow the whistles on some of her best friends McNulty and Freamon. Under all of her faults, Greggs is a clean cop.
  6. Rhonda Pearlman starts off as a prosecutor for Baltimore City and by the end of the series becomes a judge.
  7. Pearlman is one of the most moral characters on The Wire. 
  8. Rhonda Pearlman is one of the reasons why the squad could wiretapped Avalon’s gangs pagers and pay phones. She helped bring down most of the gang’s leadership.
  9. Felicia “Snoop” Hearson is an enforcer for Marol Stansfield’s gang. She ruthlessly. kills many people throughout the series. Women in The Wire are both excellent heroes and villains. Snoop is skilled in pulling off hits.
  10. Officer Beatrice Russell works on the ports. She helps bring down the corrupt Port Union workers through the connections she has made with the boss Sobotka. Beatrice is a single mother, but that does not stop her from performing her duties well.

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