7 Reasons Why Babylon 5 is a Femininst Television Show

Here are the seven reasons why I believe Babylon 5 is a femininst television show:

  1. Delenn of Minbar is the ambassador for Minbar on Babylon 5. She is a wise compassionate leader.
  2. Delenn becomes a human/Minbar hybrid so she can bridge the gap between the two species.
  3. The Minbar ambassador is quite funny, which aids in her relationships on board Babylon 5.
  4. Commander Susan Ivanova is the first officer on Babylon 5 and second in command of the space station. She is a tough cookie because of her rough upbringing. Susan’s mother committed suicide because she was the first telepath to refuse to join Psi Corps.
  5. Commander Susan Ivanova is not just a skilled leader, but a low grade telepath.
  6. Susan Ivanova and Talia Winters who is a telepath have a romantic relationship.Babylon 5 has some Lesbian subtext.
  7. All the main characters who have telepathic abilities are women on the show Babylon 5.

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