10 Ways That Lost Is a Feminist Television Show

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Lost is a feminist television show:

1.Because of her cleverness and willingness to risk danger to help the ones she cares about, Kate Austen is one of the leaders of the Oceanic flight group
2.Kwon Sun-Hwa (Sun) learnt English so she could get out of an abusive and loveless marriage.
3.Sun subverted patriarchal marriage by refusing to live by her husband’s rules on the island. Also, by returning to the island to save him instead of the normative — the other way around.
4.Penny Widmore saves Desmond Hume her lover and future husband. Desmond is the “man in distress” and Penny the hero.
5.Doctor Juliet Burke is a fertility doctor and a OB/GYN. Juliet solved her sister’s infertility issue which she discovered was caused by cancer. This cure is considered a miracle, such a huge deal that “The Others” wanted her.
6.Juliet is one of the few “Others” to switch to the flight group’s side because of her compassion.
7.By burning down the family house with her step-father inside, Kate Austen saved her mother from an abusive relationship the best way she could.
8.Kate Austen proves her intelligence by being three steps ahead of the Marshall who was chasing her and her ability to track down people on the island. She can also manipulate others into doing what she wants. Thankfully, Kate uses her intelligence for the good (on the island).
9.Claire Littleton is a protective mother who is able to raise her baby son on a deserted island.
10.By using her wit to make homemade traps, Danielle Rousseau survived on the island, in isolation, for sixteen years. Her hope in seeing her daughter Alex again kept her going.

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