Ways That Doctor Who Supports The Doctor Regenerating As a Woman

I know I have already mused about why the Doctor should regenerate as a woman, but here are some ways that the television show Doctor Who supports the idea:

  1. The Master regenerating as Missy.
  2. Ohila of The Sisterhood of Kahn offered Doctor 8 a potion to force him to regenerate into a woman meaning that Time Lords can become Time Ladies. These potions only made sure that the Doctor turned into a specific time of person not adding crazy possibilities.
  3. Doctor 11 mentioned to Rory and Amy that his Time Lord friend the Corsair had been a Time Lady a couple of times. Time Lords can become Time Ladies more than once. Nothing is stopping the Doctor from becoming a woman in another regeneration or two.
  4. Missy asked Clara to guess what of the three things about the Doctor that she says is false. One of the facts was that the Doctor was once a little girl. The implication meaning that its possible that the Doctor was born female or for a brief part of the Time Lord’s childhood was a girl.
  5. Doctor Who is a science fiction television show, so anything can happen.

In the BBC science fiction show, woman are powerful characters. The viewers see the world of Doctor Who through the mostly young women’ eyes who the Doctor travels with. The tardis was even shown to be a woman and is called old girl by the Doctor.Theres nothing stopping Steven Moffat from having the next regeneration being a woman. Lets make Doctor Who  more modern and a bigger feminist show than it was before. Though let me be clear that I love all the Doctors in the modern era, so this is no judgment on them. I just want to see the Doctor being a woman instead of a white man again.

Special Note: Sydney Newman who created Doctor Who in 1963, also started The Avengers  a spy show with female agents.

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