10 Reasons Why Star Trek: Next Generation is a Feminist Television Show

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Star Trek: Next Generation is a feminist television show:

  1. Doctor Beverly Crusher is a single mother who raises her genius son entirely by herself. She also manages the health of all the crew on board of the Starship Enterprise.
  2. Doctor Beverly Crusher graduated top of her class at the Starlet Academy.
  3. Doctor Beverly Crusher is a Commander in the Starfleet making her one rank below Captain Jean-Luc Picard.
  4. Doctor Crusher is chief medical officer of both Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E.
  5. Doctor Beverly Crusher was head of Starfleet Medical for an entire year, which I believe is the highest position a doctor could have in Starfleet.
  6. Counselor Deanna of Troi was at the rank of Lieutenant Commander for the first six seasons, then moved up to Commander for seventh season and continued to be a Commander for all the different spin offs from the series.
  7. Deanna of Troi is half betazoid and human, so she can feel other people’s emotion. Being an empath makes her very skilled at performing as the in-starship therapist and helping Captain Picard read potential enemies.
  8. Counselor Deanna of Troi has an advanced psychologist degree from the Starfleet Academy.
  9. Lieutenant Natasha “Tash” Yar was Chief Security Officer for the first season of Star Trek: Next Generation. 
  10. The women on the Starship Enterprise are brilliant and all high in rank or position.

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