10 Reasons Why Star Trek Voyager is a Feminist Show

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Star Trek Voyager is a feminist show:

  1. Captain Kathryn Janeway is in charge of the Starship Voyager. She later becomes Admiral Kathryn Janeway. She is the most accomplished female character in the Star Trek franchise.
    2.Janeway is the one and only captain of a starship to successfully navigate the Delta Quadrant without any support from the rest of the Starfleet.
    3.I believe that Captain Janeway is the only Star Trek captain to have started off as a science officer–meaning that she looks through a scientist’s eye every time she meets a new alien or faces danger.
    4.Kathryn keeps her whole crew’s hope up in finding a way home. She juggles being the commanding officer, mother figure when needed and a friend.
    5.Captain Janeway is able to merge the crew of the starship with the crew of a rebel ship called the Marquis. She combines them into one of the best starship crew ever.
    6.B’Elanna Torres was the Chief Engineer of the Marquis. She is half human and half Klingon.
    7.Torres has some major anger management issues because of her difficult childhood and being half Klingon, but she is not all anger. B’Elanna is a brilliant engineer who swiftly moved up the ranks of Voyager. She remains one of the most sensitive members of the crew because of her conflicting emotions (rooted in her mixed parentage) and the fact that she has dealt with teasing all her life.
    8.Seven of Nine is the only person who after being part of the Borg for a long time continues to function even after being disconnected. She had been merged with the hive brain since she was six years old.
    9.Janeway helped teach Seven of Nine how to reconnect with her humanity.
    10.Seven of Nine helped create the astrometric lab a key effort in trying to find their way home. The astrometric lab had not been part of Voyager before Seven of Nine helped to design it.

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