10 Reasons Why Firefly is a Feminist Show

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Firefly is a feminist show:

1.Zoe Washburne is the second in command on the ship. She is​ second​ only ​to Captain Mal Reynolds. Zoe has amazing hand to hand fighting and shooting skills. She is a veteran of the war against unification. Zoe remains stoic throughout the series and film, but is still very funny.
2.Kaylee Frye is Serenity’s mechanic. She can “speak” to the engine. 3.Kaylee can make the Firefly (the type of spaceship) do whatever she wants. She stole the​ mechanic​ job from some guy she was sleeping with. Kaylee ​is so skilled that she ​knew what was stopping Serenity from ​functioning after staring at the engine for a second.
3.Inara Serra may be a companion ​(​meaning her job is to seduce and sleep with mostly men​)​, ​yet she ​is ​one of the most educated people on ship. She can manipulate or lie to anybody and can tell when others are up to no good. Inara sword fights and can use a bow and arrow.
4.Inara is in complete control of her sexuality and uses it to get her clients to fall in love with her​–​for at least a hour. She chooses her clients and can blacklist them ​(​like she ​did to ​Atheron Wing​)​.
5.River Tam may be messed up, but she is a genius.​ Her ​intelligence makes her brother Doctor Simon Tam ​seem like a small child.
6.River Tam can out fight anybody on or off Serenity.
7.River can read people’s thoughts.
8.Zoe ​”​wears the pants​”​ in her marriage with Wash.
9.Inara was the only person in the crew who could read through Saffron’s submissive woman routine.
10.Zoe lived through the war while many men died.

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