My Ranking of the Modern Doctor Who Female Companions

I have already given many reasons on why Doctor Who is a feminist television show, so I decided to do a ranking instead. I first want to start by saying that I love all of the Doctor’s companions, but this is just the order in how MUCH I adore them. I was inspired by the Youtube channel Who Addicts Reviews. Please comment on how you would order the female companions and your reasons why:

  1. Clara Oswald (Companion for both Doctor 11 and 12): Clara is number one my list because she has had the most influence on the Doctor. She saved all of his regenerations by jumping through the time vortex tunnel in the Doctor’s tomb. Clara inspired the Doctor to become the time lord we know him to be today by whispering to him that being afraid can make you hero when he was a young boy. She takes charge of situations when needed like a good teacher does for both Doctors. I love Clara’s saucy demaour. She is the one companion that truly seems to live fifty fifty in the “real” world as a teacher or nanny and traveling around on the Tardis. Clara and the Doctor have a deep bond full of love.
  2. Amy Pond (Companion for Doctor 11): I’m not going to lie, Amy is in second place partly because of her childhood origin story as the Doctor’s companion. The fact that the time lord is her childhood imaginary friend come to live is awesome. Amy has a family bond with the Doctor because they have known each other since she was a small girl. The Scottish companion has the best character arc. Amy starts of as the snarky companion who just wants to travel the universe with the Doctor to a married woman who only travels part time with the Doctor. She brought the youth and vitality when  Doctor 11 needed it, then grounded him in maturity during his last series.
  3. Rose Tyler (Companion for Doctor 9 and 10): Rose is third on my list  because she is the first companion that I ever connected with. She was the perfect companion to start the modern series with. Rose remained innocent, passionate and brave during her tenure. Everything thats needed to bring a new younger audience into the Whoivan fold. I know that many people see Rose and Doctor 10’s relationship as purely romantic, but I think its more complicated than that. The young Londoner and the Doctor feel a soul connection that makes them almost addicted to one another. The romantic feelings were always there on the service, but did not truly come out until Doctor 10 gave her the human copy of himself. The fact that Rose was the interface that the sentient weapon ” The Moment” chose really fit because of that deep connection.
  4. Donna Noble (Companion for Doctor 10):  Donna Noble is one of the most funniest companions ever, which is why she I put her as number four. I don’t think Donna was as close to the Doctor as the others, but they had great banter. She is pretty bad ass because she is the only companion to merge with the Doctor. Donna was so awesome as Doctor Donna. She saved the world from the Daleks. Donna had the most level headed relationship with the Doctor. She always saw right through his antics. Donna knew that the Doctor was not over Rose. I love that it took two meetings with him for her to travel with the Doctor unlike the usual one.
  5. Martha Jones (Companion for Doctor 10): Let me first say that I am quite fond of Martha. She is the most educated of all the Doctor’s companions and basically saved the universe without him. Martha traveled the world  spreading the word about who the  Doctor is so that he could become strong again. She is only last because of her unrequited crush on the Doctor. Martha’s feelings unlike Rose were purely romantic and I found the crush to be annoying.Especially since it is the only reason why she traveled with the Doctor. Though like the Youtube channel Who Addict Reviews I have loads of respect for Martha leaving the Tardis after realizing that he would never feel the same love of her. I think she should of stayed one more season without all those pesky romantic feelings. I would of loved to see more of Martha saving the universe.

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