10 Reasons Why Veronica Mars is a Feminist Television Show

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Veronica Mars is a feminist television show:

1.Veronica Mars runs the local part of her father’s private ​investigati​on agency. She captures a lot of cheating husbands with her camera.
2.Veronica Mars solves ​many her fellow student’s ​mysterious ​problems​–from proving Weevil’s Grandma did not steal from her employer to ​identifying the ​secret ​members of Neptune High’s Private Society.
3.Like many cities in the United States, Neptune houses the wealthy and the poor. There​ are not too many citizens who are middle class. Veronica and her friends help the poor out. ​In many ways, she is like the modern Robin Hood​ ​​leveling the playing field.
4.Mac Mackenize is a skilled hacker who helps Veronica Mars solve her mysteries. They have a strong friendship bond.
5.Veronica is famous for her one-liners always proving to be smarter than her usual male counterparts.
6.When Veronica lost all her friends after Du​n​can Kane dumped her, instead of fading into the background​,​ she got smarter and stronger.
7.All the ​show’s ​female characters are intelligent, skilled, strong, and vulnerable. Mars is scarred from being date raped, but she never acts like a victim. Veronica and Mac are both complex female characters.
8.Veronica Mars doesn’t need “masculine strength” to defeat her foes​, she’s powerful enough armed​ ​with a shar​p ​mind, taser and dog named Bodyguard.
9.Mars has boyfriends throughout the series, but she never lets them define her or stop her from solving Neptune’s mysteries.
10.Even with all her private investigating, Veronica Mars still got awesome grades and went to college.

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