10 Reasons Why Xena Warrior Princess is A Feminist Television Show

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Xena Warrior Princess is a feminist television show:

1.The television show Xena Warrior Princess ​mirrors ​the way that Lesbians have been written into mythology​ in the past​. Xena is our Hercules.
2.Xena ​is always​ able to​ beat the male villains in a fight. She defeats Aries​, who is a god,​ many times​ even though the warrior princes​s​ is ​”​a mere mortal​”​.
3.Xena and Gabrielle​ have romantic relationship. For the first few seasons, their relationship is a subtext, but by the last few seasons Xena and Gabby both declare their love for each other in multiple ways. Their souls have been connected throughout all time.
4.Xena remains a warrior while also being a healer and a great strategist.
5.Before being a hero, Xena was a bad ass villain who lead ​legions of men.
6.The ​Amazons are major character​s​ in the series.​ ​They are all woman warriors who live by a strong honor code. The amazons also can fight and communicate in the spirit world, something that no man can do.​ Gabrielle becomes the Queen of the Amazons. ​
7.Gabrielle becomes a famous bard for writing the scrolls of Xena. The scrolls chronicle all their ​women’s ​major battles. In the meta episodes they are studied by modern scholars who use them to get the historical facts about Xena the Warrior Princess. This subverts heteronormative society because history is being written by women about women.
8.Xena’s ​Charkram can only be thrown by her until later in the series. Even then, only women can wield the ​Charkram: Xena’s daughter Eve, Callisto the crazy warrior who hates Xena because she once killed her family; and Gabrielle after Xena dies in the last episode.This weapon can hit a whole gang of villains, then come flying back to her.
9.When Xena had her baby Eve​ ​she remained a skilled warrior. ​The warrior princess was also a warm mother.
10.Both Xena and Gabrielle could be tough, but at the same time they were vulnerable. Xena Warrior Princess created complex female characters.

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