10 Reasons Why Buffy The Vampire Slayer is a Feminist Television Show

Here are the ten reasons why I would consider Buffy the Vampire Slayer a feminist television show:

1.Buffy Summers turns the horror archetype of ” the blonde girl running away screaming in fear from the monster” on its head. She is the one the vampire fears the most.
2.Buffy’s brilliant one-liners laugh in the face of danger. Proving that she is brave, smart, and a bad ass.
3.Other than Buffy, Willow Rosenburg is the only other character in the Scooby gang who is gifted any sort of powers as a witch. These two women are the most badass of the Scoobies.
4.As a teenager with pre-witch powers, Willow runs a fair amount of the research because, unlike Giles the patriarchal father figure, she is a hacker with a lot of computer skills. She even teaches the Sunnydale High computer class for part of a school year.
5.The figure of the vampire slayer always a woman.
6.Buffy Summers proves that she doesn’t need the patriarchal protective shield of The Watcher Council after throwing Wesley out. She saves her Sunnydale class all on her own and continues to save the day after that.
7.Spike was able to kill two slayers, but Buffy survived every encounter with him, beating the blond bleached vampire almost every time.
8.In Season Two, Buffy Summers proves that subverting the heteronormative authority of the Watcher Council’s slayer rules makes her more powerful and even better than Kendra. For those who do not know, Kendra was a major rule follower. 9.Buffy lived away from her family so she could be trained by her Watcher all the time.
Willow Rosenburg is a self-proclaimed Lesbian who dates both Tara and Kennedy. (Though I believe Tara was Willow’s soulmate.)
10.In the last season, all the potential slayers are women from different walks of life ranging from the geeky one played by Felicia Day to the Chinese teenager. This reveals that all women have the potential to be as strong as Buffy.

Here are ten of the television programs I believe only exist because of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or would not be the same without it:

  1. Lost Girl (2010-)
  2. Battlestar Galatica (2004-2009)
  3. The 100(2014-)
  4. Veronica Mars (2004-2007)
  5. Marvel Agents of Shield (2013-)
  6. Alias (2001-2006)
  7. American Horror Story (2011-)
  8. Agent Carter (2015-)
  9. Dollhouse (2009-2010)
  10. Lost (2004-2010)

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