10 Reasons Why The X Files is a Feminist Television Show

Here are the ten reasons why I think The X Files is a feminist television show:

1.Agent Dana Scully is a trained medical doctor and has an undergraduate degree in physics.
2.Agent Dana Scully remains a scientist and a FBI agent with a “great aim”.
Scully keeps an open mind with Mulder’s crazy ideas about the supernatural and aliens even though she believes in pure science.
3.Since the X File is so far out of the patriarchal system of the FBI, Scully subverts the heteronormative system by solving or investigating cases that are not exactly sanctioned.
4.In Season Nine, Scully acts as a forensic scientist teacher at the Academy and is still shown to be a great mom to baby William.
5.Dana Scully is shown to be the most level headed of the Mulder/Scully pair.
6.When Mulder is abducted by aliens, Scully takes over as the believer in The X Files. She never stops looking for him.
7.Scully remains both a woman of faith and science. She sees miracles happen and does not close herself off from the mysterious and unknown.
8.Scully handles Mulder’s outlandish theories better than he does hers. Whenever 9.Scully believes a case has some religious significance, Mulder just makes fun of her.
10.Scully saves Mulder’s life using her medical skills more frequently than he rescues her.
A rebooted mini series of The X Files will be airing in January. What do you think will happen? Please follow my blog MAE.

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