As a Feminist Fan of Downton Abbey What I Hope Happens in Season 6

Here is a list of plot points that I hope happens as a feminist fan in the last season of Downton Abbey. Some of these points are inspired by the season six trailer:

1.Edith will be featured frequently as the owner of the newspaper in London. In season five, we find out that Michael willed her his newspaper business. Tom tells Edith that she is a wonderful writer who should spend more time there. I would like to see Edith in London in her role as the boss and interacting with her staffers.
2.In the last episode of the previous season, Tom tells Mary that she would be tens times better at running the agent’s office than he was. I hope that Lady Mary takes a bigger part in running Downton Abbey.
3.As I have mentioned in a previous post I love the friendship between Lady Mary and Anna. I would like to see more interactions between the two friends. Since Downton Abbey is being sold or at least the family is moving out, Anna and Mary should have a moment where they can be just two female companions instead of solely being a lady and her maid. There’s a scene in the trailer where Lady Mary talks about the times she and Anna have shared together. I think this means that we’ll see them discussing their friendship.
4.Daisy started studying for math and history exams in season five. I would like to see her doing very well in her exams, then using her new skills. In the trailer for the final season I saw Daisy and her father-in-law entering the farm together smiling. I read this as the assistant cook entering the farm as one of its owners/future owner. In other words since Downton Abbey is closing down, then Daisy might be moving to the farm full time. I would love to see her using her new accounting knowledge on the farm.
5.Since all the Crawley women are doing jobs that are ahead of their time I think that Edith or Mary should get involved in the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Two more years from the current time frame of Downton Abbey women in England get the right to vote.

Please tell me what your hoping for in the last season of Downton Abbey. I must admit the trailer made me cry.  Also, starting tomorrow I will starting posting about why all the cult shows I listed before are feminist. Starting with The X Files, so expect a lot of “ten reasons why” lists. Please follow my blog MAE.

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