Follow up on “Doctor Who: Why are the Doctor’s Companions called Girls?”

At the end of my post “Doctor Who: Why are the Doctor’s Companions called Girls?”, I discussed how I think that the Doctor should​appear in the form of a woman soon. If you want to ​learn more about ​my thoughts on why ​the Doctor should be regenerated as a woman look up the post mentioned above in “post index”, ​”​categories​”​ or the archive for July.

Doctor Who season eight open​ed the possibilities for the Doctor ​to be ​regenerated as a woman. The Master, another Time Lord, who was a childhood friend of the Doctor back on Gallifrey (for those who do no know the home planet of Time Lords) ​appears several times during this second incarnation of Doctor Who​. In the third season, the first time the Time Lord ​appears as the Prime Minister of England who tries to take over the world. The Master is revealed to be insane because he always hears drumming. ​Again in the third season, ​the Time Lord appears ​a second time as an elderly doctor at the end of earth’s time​.

In Doctor Who season eight, the Master is revealed to be a crazy genius woman nicknamed Missy. I think that it​’​s awesome that ​Time ​Lords are now revealed to switch genders, but there are some problematic aspects to “Missy”.

First,​ issue is ​that the Master has ​been ​around for quite some time without a nickname. Most Time Lords seem not to have nicknames ever. The Doctor never really has one. The girly name “Missy” only comes when the time lord has reintegrated as woman. “Missy” seems to infantilize the now ​female Master.

Missy is also shown to be sexually attracted to the Doctor even though his/her male counterparts never showed any romantic desires toward him. I find the fact that Moffat needed to sexualize their relationship because of the gender switch a little sexist. Missy turns corpses into Cybermen so the Doctor has his own army to protect earth with, which is creepy. But ​her motive for giving the Doctor an army seems to be romantic and nothing like what the Master has done in the past.

​I hope the next regeneration of the Doctor is a woman too.​

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