12 Reasons Why Downton Abbey is a Feminist Work

Here are the reasons why I think Downton Abbey(2010-) is a feminist television show:

  1. Lady Mary Crawley helps run the estate at a time when women were not even allowed to inherit property.
  2. All marriages without love are shown to be problematic on the television show.
  3. Isobel helps runs the village hospital.
  4. The fact that Lady Mary Crawley could not inherit Downton Abbey was represented as problematic. Her mother Cora and grandmother Violet did everything they could to find a way for Mary to own the estate one day.
  5. Lady Sybil became a nurse during WWI, broke all social morays by being part of activist rallies and married Tom who is way below her social standing. Nobody really tried to stop her.
  6. Mrs. Hughes remains a close advisor to Carson the butler who listens to her beyond anybody else.
  7. Lady Edith had a child out of wedlock and nobody in her family punished her for the “sin”.
  8. Cora sleeps in the same bed as her husband because they actually love each other. Most people of their standing did not share beds.
  9. Anna and Lady Mary have a close bond. They tell each other everything.  I would call them friends even though one is a lady and the other’s a maid. Female friendship is extremely important in the show.
  10. Lady Edith helps run a newspaper when her lover named Michael first went missing.
  11. All of the Crawley daughters find their own lovers and husbands. They pick who they marry or have sex with.
  12. All the women especially Violet and Lady Mary speak their mind on all subjects and are listened to.

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