Kimberly Jentzen Interview

Last Friday, I interviewed the amazing director, screenwriter, and acting coach Kimberly Jentzen. She has written and directed projects such as Reign (2012),#Girl Crush (2015), and Of Earth and Sky (1996). We discussed subjects from her philosophy as a director and acting coach to her being a poet. I hope you enjoy listening to Kimberly Jentzen’s interview. She is an engaging intelligent and creative being. In a week or two I will being posting a link to a crowdsourcing website where she is raising funds for her next awesome project so please look out for that:

Links to Jentzen’s different sites:

  1. Kimberly Jentzen’s Website: (If you are in the LA area and interested in acting classes check this website out.)
  2. Kimberly Jentzen’s IMBD:

Kimberly Jentzen as an acting coach discussing finding or playing emotions:

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