Echo Quote from Dollhouse

” Hey, save it! And don’t hand me any more of your crap about being some superior, ascended being. To ascend to anything, at minimum, you don’t cut up women! ” – Echo from Dollhouse 

Note: I know that some people think that Dollhouse(2009-2010) is sexist, but I don’t believe that the series is. First of all, while a lot of the customers seem to be men who want a female doll to quench their fantasies, there are still male dolls. Male dolls who are used for both sexual and non-sexual fantasies. Female dolls are also used in all sorts of fantasies. Second of all the dolls are used to save children, be doctors or nurses, be best friends to Divas, break into vaults, and solve crimes. They are not just used for sex. Dollhouse actually portrays the female dolls achieving amazing tasks (even though by the second season the organization is revealed to be quite evil.) Thirdly, Echo is the first doll who is able to be fully aware, have multiple personalities in her mind and not be crazy like Alpha (who is a man). She is one of the top leaders of the group.

In addition, the Los Angeles Dollhouse is run by a brilliant ruthless British woman named Adelle DeWitt and the majority of the men in Dollhouse work under a woman. Lastly, Joss Whedon is the creator and he is a major feminist. If you are not watching Dollhouse because you believe the series is just about women fulfilling male fantasies, then you should give the show another look.


6 thoughts on “Echo Quote from Dollhouse

  1. I agree with the distinction you make about the people using the dolls vs the institution of the Dollhouse. Although the people can use the dolls for sexist purposes, they aren’t always used as such. Also, the people behind the institution have different reasons to utilize the dolls, albeit with a dash of moral ambiguity (not always surrounding sexism).

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  2. This is a topic I’ve only just scratched the surface of on my blog. There are a wealth of topics that can be discussed about Dollhouse, many of which are philosophical. It’s not a sexist show, and the reasons you listed cover why.

    P.S. The Newsroom and Dollhouse are two of my favorite shows.

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  3. Anita Sarkeesian initially cited Dollhouse as being sexist, which you might expect from a feminist. However hers is quite dated and she may have changed her mind about the show after watching the second season. Still, it’s something I discussed in-depth on my blog. It might be worth a read if you’re interested. I hope to blog more about Dollhouse in the future too.

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