Deborah Attoinese Interview

Deborah Attoinese is  Independent Filmmaker. I think seeing independent films is as important as seeing Hollywood movies. We must push ourselves to explore all sorts of media. Below here is a written interview I did with Attoinese. She is extremely insightful and creative.

1. What is it like being a female director and producer in Hollywood?

I tend to direct much more just outside of the “system” so I’ll have
to answer this question from that angle. I can say that
I feel being female/director producer in any system or world
is a strange and wonderful thing. Being a director for me feels very much
like they only thing that makes sense to me — it’s so hard and all
encompassing in your life that if I didn’t really feel that I honestly don’t
think I’d be doing it. Actually I’m sure I wouldn’t be.

For me the magic is taking all the elements of story and feelings and visuals and
mixing them with music and light and anything else you can find to throw in the mix
and hopefully make something that’s a little bit different and touches people somewhere.
If it doesn’t touch me somewhere-then I really can’t do it. I’m just not interested.

2. Do you pick jobs and create films based on being a woman? How do you play with gender and sexuality politics in your films?

I pick jobs/projects based on what the material is trying, wanting, needing
to say. I would so much rather be just a filmmaker vs. a female filmmaker
but we as a society are not there yet.

I play with gender and sexuality by often writing from the male point of view –
I find it incredibly freeing and interesting switching those roles around. I think the art of reversal is so necessary in art and life. What is that person in that situation thinking or feeling?

3. Can you talk more about your short film Girl Knight?

Girl Knight will be my sixth short film and is driving me crazy.
It has taken me around my inner world several times now as
it’s a very personal. It’s a story about surrender. About letting
down your armor and being in that vulnerable position where you
find incredible strength if you can allow yourself to go there. It’s about
being uncomfortable in your openness. I am very excited by it and terrified by
it alt the same time. I’m looking forward to making it soon.

4. How do you build complex female characters of all sexualities and races?

Again I’m not so much looking at anything other than the inner story of a
character first. I want to know what movie is playing in their head what
script are they living out – what is their story. And how does that effect
the story of the film.

Then how they choose to identify themselves, their sexuality, gender what
they need to “be” in the world for the world to make sense – then
that becomes very important. But first I want to know what’s inside,
what’s needing fixing, what makes them tick, are they ticking?

5. Are there any new projects that you would like to talk about?

I have a mini-series. I’m about to start that I’m incredibly excited about
again creating a world where everyone is looking for something
underneath what appears on the surface. I can’t really say much
more than this – but maybe you’ll interview me again!

Link to Deborah Attoinese’s Website:


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