Dear Marvel

Dear Marvel,

Let me first start by saying that I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I enjoy going to see all the Avengers, Thors, Captain Americas, Ant Mans, and Iron Mans in the movie theaters. And I even re-watch the Marvel films at home. The major problem that I have is that Black Widow, Maria Hill, and Lady Sif all have one thing is common. Well two things. One is that all three women are bad ass and super heroes. Second thing is a problem, which is none of the women have had a Marvel film where they are the main character. There is no Black Widow or Agent Hill or Lady Sif movie.

All of the men in the Avengers have had somewhere between two to three films all about them. Plus they’re in the Avenger films. Hell even Ant Man who has not been in any of the Avengers movies yet has his own film. And no offense to Scott Lang because I thought the film was smart and funny, but he’s ANT MAN–not the most coolest superhero out there and yet they still made a film about him. What about Black Widow? She has been part of the Avengers from the start! Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow has the most mysterious backstory plus is in many ways more badass than all the male superheros combined. She can fool anybody and is an amazing fighter. I’m pretty sure that she has been part of Shield longer than any of the men have been.

Yet Black Widow has not had one single film with her in the center. That pisses me off. I know that I’m not the only female Marvel fan. So you can’t make the argument that a female centered Marvel film would not sell. Especially since Marvel has two female Superhero centered television shows that are doing extremely well. I can pretty much guarantee for the most part that Marvel fans are the ones watching the television series for the most part.

Marvel Agents of Shield ‘s lead character is Skye/Daisy Johnson a.k.a. Quake who is half Chinese half American hacker turned super hero. Marvel Agents of Shield is doing so well that it’s going into a third season. Plus there are tons of other women characters who are complex and badass in Marvel Agents of Shield: Agent Melinda May (Chinese American Kickass Warrior), Bobbi Morse a.k.a. Mockingbird, and Agent Jemma Simmons (Bio-Chemist with two PhDs). Agent Maria Hill and Lady Sif are in several of the episodes as well. Tons of female and male fans of all sexualities and races continue to watch the series and show up to conventions like Comic Con. One of the popular ship is Skimmons (Skye/Jemma) revealing that there are other Lesbian fans like me.

Agent Carter has completed its first season and has been picked up for thirteen more episodes this Spring. Agent Carter is about Agent Peggy Carter​​ ​and the plot picks up following the close of the first Captain America film. ​The story takes place in the late 1940s and ​Agent Peggy Carter has to deal with sexism at the workplace.​ ​ ​Still ​with everything she faces as a woman in that time period she is ten times the agent than all the men in her office are. While she still yearns for Captain America the agent never lets that stop her from saving the day. Peggy Carter’s line in the last episode of the first season ” I know my value” has become an anthem of empowerment for many young girls.

We (women) love these female centric Marvel televisions shows, but we also desire female centric films that are named after Black Widow, Lady Sif, and Agent Maria Hill. I can’t be the only one wondering how Agent Maria Hill becomes Nick Fury’s right hand woman. Marvel fans are not just men from the ages of eighteen to thirty. We are also women of all sexualities and races varying in age. WE deserve a film centered around one of the female super heroes!

I’m sure Skye/Daisy Johnson will have a gigantic role in Inhumans, but I and all your other female fans want something sooner. I implore you Marvel to make at least a Black Widow film.

One of your fans,

Paloma Bennett

2 thoughts on “Dear Marvel

  1. I am with you on all of this, but did you think that maybe the big reason they are not making a Black Widow movie is because ScarJo does not want to make one? The Marvel contracts are crap. They get paid very little and have take part in several movies. Not that any of them are complaining because the success of the movies have made all of them household names and have allowed them to up their asking price in other movies. Almost all of the actors that have contracts expiring soon have made it fairly clear that they will not reup unless they get the same deal RDJ just got for doing Civil War and don’t have to sign up for multiple movies again. ScarJo could get more money to do a different action film and on her terms, which is why she did Lucy. Cheer up, we are getting a Captain Marvel movie soon!


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