Matia Karrell Interview

Today I did a short Skype interview with director Matia Karrell. She has directed films and television shows like Behind the Red Door (2003), Army Wives (2007), and The West Wing (1999).

Right now Karrell is working on developing a television mini series called Fly Girls about World War II military women pilots. Here is a link to the Facebook page if you want to find out more:

You can find the audio recording of my interview with Matia Karrell below.

We discuss women directors breaking through the boundaries of only being hired to direct character pieces, the fact that Karrell was a modern dancer, and her experiences directing television. I hope you enjoy the interview. She is an insightful intelligent woman. Later on I will put up a crowdsourcing website link for her new project Fly Girls, which I hope you donate to. We need more television shows run by women about complex female characters.

Fly Girls Trailer:

One thought on “Matia Karrell Interview

  1. Great Interview. I especially like hearing about Fly Girls. I’ve always been intrigued by these women military pilots and it’s about time their story gets told! Matia has done an excellent job on the trailer. I’ll be watching this T.V. series, for sure!


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