Go Fish (1994)

Go Fish (1994) directed by Rose Troche is a indie lesbian romance/buddy film. The main character Max is a young lesbian college student looking for a girlfriend. Her roommate/college professor Kia sets her up with Ely a plain long haired woman. At first Max is not impressed, but after their first date she realizes how much Ely and her have in common. They really connect. Then the fact that Ely has a long distance girlfriend named Kate is revealed. (Though don’t worry there is a romantic ending.)

The lesbian buddy part of the film is expressed in the form of a group of Lesbian friends who come together to discuss all sorts of issues throughout the film. Kia, Ely, Max, Daria, and other friends discuss their relationships, what being a lesbian means and issues with being out to conservative family. My favorite part of Go Fish is this day-dream/magic realism moment when one of the Lesbians is put on trial for sleeping with a single man. The group debate if she still is a Lesbian.

Be warned that Go Fish is in black and white, but don’t let that scare you off. The film is great. I recommend the Lesbian Romance film to my readers who are fellow Lesbians (though I think people of all sexualities and genders will love it), who love indie black and white films, are interested in romances that are also buddy films, want to discuss sexuality, and finally who want to see a great feminist film.

By the way Rose Troche has directed the television program The L Word(2004-2009) and other major television shows. I actually met the director once and she was super cool.

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