Calzona (Dr. Callie Torres/Dr. Arizona Robbins)

What I love most about Calzona is how the two women are not just each other’s wives, but also best friends. A lot of the romantic relationships on Grey’s Anatomy and other Shonda Rhimes programs have two people who love each other in them, but  they are not even  friends with each other. Callie and Arizona are each other’s “people” partly because they’re the best communicators ever. I have a best friend named Nicole who always complains about how couples on television programs always break up because they never talk to one another about what bothers them. Callie and Arizona never had that problem as a couple until the plane crash, which I will not talk about (partly because I hate everything that happened afterward/ just waiting for Calzona to get back together in season twelve). Callie went to Arizona straight after her father tried to “straighten” her out by ambushing her with a priest at Seattle Grace Mercy West. Arizona forced Callie (who was working a shift as head of the E.R.) to talk to her about why their date at a fancy restaurant did not end with sex. Callie even told Arizona the truth about how her lack of money made her stress out about how to pay for the expensive meal. Calzona always ended up back together even after an argument because they communicated. Of course I believe Callie and Arizona are soul mates who would do anything for one another. I mean Arizona hated Mark Sloan for a long time and she was willing to be a mother to his child for Callie. If that does not mean Calzona are soul mates, then what does?

Special Note:  The term “people” refers to how Christina and Meredith are each other’s best friends/non-sexual soul mates. Meredith calls Christina her person.

Special Note # Two: When I write about pairings they’re always be about femslashes because those are the ones I ship.


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