Special Dictionary for Readers of my Blog who Don’t Know the “Fandom” language

1. Ship (Noun or Verb): A Ship is a romantic relationship between two characters on a television program, book, movie or comic that a fan loves. For example of a ship on Grey’s Anatomy is Dr.Callie Torres/Dr. Arizona Robbins a.k.a. Calzona. It is important to note a ship can be a couple that exists in the text or a couple that does not. Verb: A fan can be shipping a couple meaning they are actively loving a couple.

2. Pairing (Noun): A pairing is a romantic pairing between two characters, which could also be just part of a fan’s imagination or part of the text. The only difference is that the fan does not need to love the relationship to call it a pairing unlike the word ship that implies love. For example on Lost Girl, Bo Dennis/Doctor Lauren Lewis a.ka. Doccubus is a pairing.

3. Slash (Noun/ Verb): A slash is when a fan ships a gay couple. The slash equals the / that separates romantic couplings. The term slash was invented by Star Trek fans who shipped Spock and Kirk together. A slash can be for an actual fictional couple or ones just made up by fans like Spock/Kirk. Verb: A fan can be slashing two male characters together.

4. Femslash (Noun/Verb): The equivalent of slash, but with two women instead of two men. An example of femslash would be Brittany/Santana a.k.a. Brittana.

5. Fandom (Noun): A group of fans who really love a TV program, movie, comic, book, etc together. Fandoms make fanart, fanfiction, and discuss their love of the text. Fandoms operate online (tumblr, twitter, Facebook, etc) and in person (conventions, at people’s house, in clubs, etc).

6. Fanfiction (Noun): Stories fans write about the media text they love. Fanficiton is found online.

7. Fanart (Noun): Art that fans make of characters, ships/pairings, and other parts of the media texts they love. Fanart can be found online and in conventions. Sometimes the art is free and other times you must buy it.

8. Canon (Noun): A ship or pairing that exists in an actual book, television program, movie, comic, etc.

9. Non- Canon (Noun): A ship or pairing that only exists in a fan’s or fan(s) imagination.

10. Bro-Ship (Noun): A usually canon friendship that fans really love. The friendship does not need to be between to guys. The Bro-Ship could be two women, a man and woman, or multiple people.

11. Fangirl (noun): A woman, girl, or female teenager who is part of at least one fandom.

Note: These are the definitions of these words as I understand them. If anybody has different definitions for any of these fandom words thats fine, but these are my definitions. If anybody wants to add more words/definitions please comment.


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