Question of Silence (1983)

A Question of Silence (1983) directed by Marleen Gorris is a film from the Netherlands. The feminist film is about a couple of women who one day get tired of the patriarchal system and beat a male store clerk to death. Don’t worry A Question of Silence is more about the aftermath of the murder where the women subvert the male hegemonic system by creating a new system of communication for women only through the act of laughter. The murder of the man can be read as more metaphorical where the women are in a way “killing” male dominance instead of an actual innocent man. I highly recommend A Question of Silence to anybody who is interested in exploring internal sexism, new modes of communication that can get around male hegemonic society and, those who want to see some interesting non-mainstream foreign films.

If you go on Amazon you should be able to find a copy of A Question of Silence. 

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Digital StillCamera

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